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“John Shannon’s literary novels and his mysteries both deserve a much wider audience. They are tough, wry, graceful, humane, deeply engaged with the world and flat-out readable.”
—Michael Harris, Los Angeles Times
“I think this is one of the finest, most sustained and boldest detective series to ever be set in Los Angeles—an extended valentine to a battered, tattered City of Angels and its citizens that never fails to entertain and to challenge.”
—Kevin Smith, January Magazine
“[These] novels breathe life into the bloated and sagging subgenre of the Los Angeles P.I. novel. With the finesse and line-by-line craftsmanship of a true artist, Shannon shows us the real City Of Angels in all of its apocalyptic urgency.”
—Patrick Millikin, The Poisoned Pen
“Jack Liffey is the most interesting new private detective to raise his fedora over the horizon since Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins, and John Shannon has that rare combination of brain, heart and muscle which marks him as one of the greats.  Where have we been all his life?”
—Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune
“Of all the Los Angeles mysteries, the biggest one is this: Why isn’t John Shannon better known and why aren’t his Jack Liffey novels up there on the bestseller list?”
—Bestselling author Bruce Alexander


John Shannon grew up in San Pedro, L.A.’s gritty harbor, amidst the sons and daughters of longshoremen and fishermen.  He went to Pomona College and UCLA, where he received an MFA in film.  He has worked on a newspaper, as a technical writer and video producer, and taught school in Africa.  He has lived in England for extended periods, and he spent much of the 1970s as a political activist in the anti-war movement.

He published four novels before embarking on the Jack Liffey books, a series of mysteries that are set in the various ethnic communities, forgotten suburbs and volatile subcultures of Los Angeles, slowly assembling a jigsaw puzzle portrait of America at the turn of the millennium.


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